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Sally managed to evaluate not only the diverging opinions of the legal issues in our case, she was also adept at understanding the personal and emotional needs of the parties which presented both barriers to and opportunities for resolution. Her ability to navigate the intersection of those issues is what enabled the parties to reach agreement.

Attorney for Employer, litigated employment case


Sally mediated a grievance settlement between our union and our employer. She was very professional in keeping confidentiality while going between us and our employer and helped to start rebuilding our team within our organization. Sally was professional and neutral with both parties working through the mediation process.

Union Labor Representative

Sally mediated labor negotiations between my client and its faculty union. The issues were complex, and the personalities at the table even more so.  Sally cued-in quickly on both, and was able to work my client’s room (and presumably the Union’s room too) extremely well.  She discussed potential solutions that required us to think creatively and ultimately was successful in finding common ground amongst the parties on both non-economic and economic issues. 

Sally’s background and skill sets proved invaluable, and I highly recommend Sally if you or your client are looking for a seasoned professional to work though routine or complex issues at the table.

Attorney for Employer / Management

Sally’s skill in mediation and interest based bargaining facilitator enabled us to reach agreement on an issue that might otherwise have gotten derailed by conflict and taken a much longer time to resolve. We were very appreciative to have her. 

Union Labor Representative

I had the opportunity to work with Sally on two mediations. One was a grievance mediation and the other was a labor contract mediation. In both mediation settings, it was apparent that Sally has really strong active listening skills. She was able to quickly grasp the issues at hand that were keeping the parties apart and what was most important to each side.  She then worked with each side to understand the other’s perspective and then once the parties felt heard, she helped them to work toward a compromise. Bottom line: Sally is an extremely patient and hardworking mediator. 

Attorney, HR Professional

My firm has used Sally as a mediator during her tenure at the Employment Relations Board on multiple cases. After she left the Board and started her mediation business, I have referred clients to her for mediations and similar services. The majority of those services involved mediating or navigating complex labor relations and employment matters. 


Labor and employment disputes are inherently complicated and involve a lot of emotional responses from all involved. Participants often misapprehend the role of the mediator and seek to get the mediator to be “on their side” so the party can “win.” Sally deftly handled this dynamic and always demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and objectivity. She communicates with parties in a way that makes them feel heard and that she understands their concerns, yet she does it without displaying bias or advocacy. She is adept at reading the room and knowing when and how to push, and when not to push. Lastly, Sally is also prompt, courteous, and professional in her communications with the parties before, during, and after mediations. 


I have always found Sally to be very good at adapting her approach to the needs of the particular mediation. She is patient with the participants even when they are impatient with the process and very emotional due to the nature of the disputes. She never gets ruffled and keeps the parties focused on getting a resolution that works for them. 


I have been fully satisfied with all aspects of the services Sally has provided for my firm and our clients. In particular, I have enjoyed her efficiency, professionalism, and diligence. I can honestly say that I have never been dissatisfied with any of her work. I simply wish I could utilize her more often.


Sally is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. 

Attorney for Labor / Employee

I first met, and worked with, Sally as part of an appointment through the Oregon Employment Relations Board (ERB). Sally walked into a very contentious situation. The parties had been bargaining for close to a year, yet had failed to agree on a successor collective bargaining agreement. The union had already taken a strike vote! The County was not willing to make any movement and had begun strike preparations!  And then, along came Sally! She allowed our side to be heard. I can assume she did the same for the union, but those conversations were behind closed doors. And trust me, Sally knows how to keep confidences, while still working toward a mutual resolution. Sally worked hard, long, tirelessly! We came to a resolution after a very long day. But Sally never lost her determination and positiveness toward the goal of resolution. I am sorry that she is no longer with the ERB, but I will never hesitate to engage her services as a private mediator should the situation arise.

Management Labor Lawyer (of over 15 years)

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