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My mediation practice is driven by a passion for resolving and preventing disputes. My practice includes proactive staff facilitation and training which creates integral infrastructure to reduce conflict and resolve disputes before they turn into lawsuits. 

I began my career in mediation by serving as one of three mediators for the Oregon Employment Relations Board, providing dispute resolution for public employers and employee organizations throughout Oregon. My work encompassed resolving collective bargaining disputes, grievances under collective bargaining agreements, unfair labor practice cases, and civil service appeals. In addition, I conducted joint training and facilitation services for labor and management representatives, both for interest-based bargaining and Labor Management Committees. In 2017 I completed the advanced mediation program at the Straus Institute at Pepperdine University.


Prior to becoming a neutral, my legal practice focused on representing clients in individual and class action claims for Wage and Hour, Family Medical Leave Act, Title VII, and other employment-related cases. I worked at the Oregon State Bar as a public affairs attorney in the law improvement and government relations program. I joined the Oregon Nurses Association as a Labor Representative focusing on contract negotiations and administration in private sector healthcare, and Multnomah County where I worked as a Labor Relations Manager. 


I am currently a panel mediator and facilitator for Special Education Disputes, Small Claims Court, and serve as the designated Ombudsperson for the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation, Drivers Advisory Committee, resolving disputes and policy issues between Uber and Lyft drivers and the Transportation Network Companies. 


In mediation, a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. I have developed a flexible and creative style tailored to the needs of the involved parties. My experience in resolving a wide variety of disputes has made me an effective and compassionate mediator with the stamina to work to a resolution. 

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